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Tooth Extraction

At absolutesmile Dental our objective is to save all of your natural teeth. Unfortunately there are cases where the tooth is so damaged that there is not good enough healthy tooth structure to support restoration.  When this happens the only remaining solution is to remove the tooth completely.

Once we have completed a tooth extraction it is important to fill the void left behind by the extracted tooth to protect the remaining teeth, and avoid any shifting.  To fill in the void we may use a dental implant or a bridge.

Extraction procedures can be simple or very challenging to a general dentist.  Many times an oral surgeon many be enlisted to extract the tooth if it looks to be difficult to the general dentist.  Oral surgeons have had many years of extensive training to take out the most difficult teeth.  Patients may just have local anesthetic or may be sedated to allow the surgeon to adequately extract the tooth safely and efficiently.

Teeth extraction image
Teeth exraction aftercare image
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